The sand dunes

The sand dunes of Tadoussac face the St. Lawrence. They are the result of wind gusts blowing sand with him. They are also a memory left by the huge glacier that created the Saguenay Fjord, which during its descent to the river took with it all kinds of materials. In the 1940s, a new sport emerged on the sand dunes of Tadoussac, this is sand skiing. Competitions followed and the sport spread to the world. In beautiful place to discover with a fat bike electric bike.

Mill Sector – Baude (House of the Dunes)

The Tadoussac dunes house is an interpretive center with an exhibition on the formation and history of sand dunes. This mysterious place is surrounded by a belvedere offering a superb view of the St. Lawrence. The place is ideal for a break and a snack while enjoying the view. In August you can enjoy blueberries that border the dune house. In autumn, the house is transformed into a bird watching center. The electric bike will allow you to get there without having to take the car.

Estuary Trail (800m)

Hiking trail with a length of 800 meters round trip, it is described as easy. It will take you to the belvedere overlooking the estuary. The place is ideal for bird watching. By locking the electric bikes, you will be able to walk this wonderful walking trail.

Gravel road

This gravel road will plunge you into the North Coast nature. The gravel path is just right for fat bike electric bikes with its mix of gravel, dirt and ribs. You will be able to feel reconnected with nature and with a little luck observe the wildlife of the North Shore at its best. The path is approximately 10km round trip.

Soap factory

The soaps of the workshop is an artisanal soap factory and a very charming place to visit. The products are of very high quality and people are very welcoming. Ideal to make a gift to someone or just to have fun. We can provide bike bags to bring back your purchases. https://www.facebook.com/LES-SAVONS-de-latelier-2048969148759751/

Hovingthon Farm

Located between the village of Tadoussac and the sand dunes, Hovington Farm was once a shoreline. Soil tillage has allowed a group of archaeologists to find traces of Amerindian occupation up to 8500 years. The place is not accessible, however with your electric bike you can stop there and take excellent photo of the roadside.

The cross

The sector of the cross is located at the top of the village of Tadoussac. A magnificent viewpoint overlooking the village, the bay, the fjord and the St. Lawrence awaits you there. Ideal to stop and contemplate the size of the territory. Picnic tables are available and the connoisseur’s canteen is not far away. Given its geographical location, the electric bike will help you climb the steepest coast of Tadoussac without even being out of breath.

Sunrise and sunset

Tadoussac enjoys the sun both at sunrise and at sunset. For early surveys, the sun will appear in the sand dunes of Tadoussac. Moment of tranquility guaranteed and assured amazement. Our electric bikes allow us to feel and enjoy the morning rose. On reservation only and we also offer a sunrise package that includes coffee and a lunch concocted by the Bakery to take away http://www.alemportee.com/

The sunset as it occurs in the Saguenay Fjord. Tadoussac enjoys a ferry boat which is free for his service. So we can board the electric bikes and cross to Baie Sainte-Catherine. Once on the other side we climb towards the black tip which offers an incredible view of the fjord and the sun.